Hello There

Gabrielle. Florida. Sixteen.

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I have not
reached my daily post limit

Maybe it’s just me but when I see people on tumblr talking about like prom and stuff I get confused like what we attend real world activities

I want to stop the games and having to constantly wonder what’s going on. I want you to be mine again and just leave it at that.

I’m so alone. I lost my boyfriend and I realized I don’t have any real friends at all. I don’t know how I’ll make it to the morning.

I’m just so torn

He was my first love and it sounds so cliche and I know that but just the way he kissed me and held my hand made me feel so amazing. And I know we had our struggles and didn’t always get along but he loved me and I know that was real. Maybe I’ll be happier this way, but maybe I’ll be even worse off that before.

I just want to be pretty. I honestly feel fat and repulsive and can’t stand myself sometimes.

You keep talking to me like my parents do when I’m in trouble and I disappointed them, but the only difference is when they yell at me I know everything will eventually go back to the way it was.

i just want this stage to be over with. and im praying that this is just a stage or an event or a difficulty, it can be absolutely any fucking thing… as long as it’s not the end. 

but seriously, how funny would it be if the police started using like minivans or Volkswagen bugs as their undercover cars and then out if no where you’re speeding and what you think is a 16 year old girl or a mom just turns on its lights and pulls you over. like how funny would that be